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Copper Mugs and Cups

Offered Copper Mugs and Cups come in the category of serveware and are highly beneficial than other drinking containers of plastic, glass etc. These have been employed as the good thermal conductor and are beneficial for health as well. Provided tableware work as the insulating components and are suitable for keeping the drinks cold.

Cutlery Sets

Offered Cutlery Sets are the hand implements, which are specifically utilized for preparing as well as serving food. These give great performance and work as the right combination of the correct steel. Provided ergonomically-designed handles suit to all hands' sizes. The material utilized in the making of these sets is stainless steel, which insure hygiene.

Votive Holders

Offered Votive Holders come with ornamentation purpose and embellish the arrangement of the rechargeable candles. Used in restaurants, churches etc, these are the new modes to employ lighting alternatives for all occasions. These are accessible with less hassle and ensure strong holding. The holders work as the immaculate assistance in the outdoor & indoor lighting.

Candle Holders

We deal in Candle Holders, which are accessible in assorted styles & sizes and stand as the versatile accessories giving elementary manner to increase the look of all spaces. These can also used be as the thoughtful gift items and are perfect for the ornamentation of Diwali, Christmas party, New Year eves etc.

Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugs are fittingly made to support the specific variety of cocktails titled Moscow Mule. These can also be utilized to serve non-alcoholic drinks like soda or lemon juice. The mugs keep the drink cold without changing the beverages' taste. The products are capable to significantly maintain the cold feeling of the drinkable. These are used by cocktail lovers and enable them enjoy the potables more enjoyably.

Picture Frames

Provided Picture Frames furnish creative reliability and are accessible with assorted features and shades. These help you to collect your pleasant memories and beautify them with their worth. Stylish enough to confer an exclusive expression to each image, these also beautify the looks of table and walls of the homes and workplaces.

Vases & Planters

Offered Vases & Planters add instant warmth and charm to the houses. These voguish and advantageous decor containers assist you to make restful green areas in the terrace, veranda, garden etc. Offered in many different shapes, sizes, and provisions, they have their usage beyond merely holding cut flowers. Beautifully designed, these are accessible with a radiant finish.

Bowls & Vessels

We deal in Bowls & Vessels, which are appropriate for serving snacks, fruits and salads to the guests. Prepared by utilizing the high quality food grade materials, these standard artifacts are modified in style. Provided essential tools maintain the original taste of the edibles ensuring hygiene. Accessible in assortment of sizes and designs, these better the total look of the tables.

Dishes Serving  Plates

Dishes Serving Plates assist you in thoughtful presentation and come with beautiful finish. These plates are the top-grade implements of tableware. and are available with various roles and assorted arrangements. Needed in all kitchens, these are extremely helpful for the casual as well as upmarket parties. Easy to use, these are made with lasting and robust materials.

Tableware & Cutlery

Supplied Tableware & Cutlery range includes all essential implements for merrily adorned tables. With the help of these wares, you can enjoy your lunch, breakfast and dinner more pleasantly and comfortably. These beauteous table implements are favorite of all, be they are children, youngsters or older ones. These chosen ergonomic configured products are available with specific artistic value.

Copper Bar Accessories

We deal in Copper Bar Accessories, which are used to serve the classic cocktails. Offered with protective lacquer finish, these are easy to use & clean. Provided products promote the lifestyle of home bar and are highly beautiful and functional. These items of artistic patterns are highly serviceable and are moderately priced.